1. With Height

    with height there’s an assumed
    presence of great knowledge that can
    be obstructed by none
    but when his eyes landed on mine 
    they gave glint before a smile
    and turned his features into a man’s
    who knows nothing
    but what is before him

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  2. To The World

    This world turned my people into walking superstitions.
    An unjustifiable belief in inhumanly barbaric causation leading to certain consequences of tragic events.

    And we’re too confused or indifferent to know where to begin with our responses.
    Like superstitions we fall silent to the accusations and remain a never resolved doubt in the minds of the ignorant.

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  3. his words make him beautiful
    he’s become beauty beyond measure
    and I swore I’d not fall in love
    but with such a grand, a treasure

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  4. Jokes don’t crack against the same edges as they do with them.
    'Times, I can't laugh.

    The earth doesn’t pound in the same rhythm as it does with them.
    'Times, I can't dance.

    And I can see
    those just like me.
    How they lie to their feet
    and they dance
    afraid to stand
    how I stand
    the others won’t know that they can’t
    hear the music too

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  5. Its been given.

    We bow down to a force we’ve been told was up high.
    Prayin’s been sent to an ear on standby.
    So stand by, we stand by.
    But a movement can’t be triggered with a sandbox S.O.S.
    It’s been placed closer to you than the veins on neck.

    You want safety? Its been given.
    You want freedom? Its been given.
    You want power? Its been given.
    You want will? Its been given.
    So start livin’ darlin’, start livin’.
    Every prayer’s been sent has been given.

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  6. You turned me into a compass needle
    I quickly seek you out
    in every room
    and when I don’t find you,
    I am lost.

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  7. the water here is purple 

    the people here are green 

    faces often face lift 

    and fake their signs of peace 

    but a pledge is a sexless vow 

    and I must stay and teach

    though the water is contaminated

    you need to drink to be

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  8. There were probably 5,000 raffle tickets in that bowl.
    I won one of the 24 prizes.
    I only bought one ticket.
    Sometimes this memory is the only thing that keeps me going.

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  9. inlovewiththeflow:

    I realized something tonight. When I saw you in the darkness, bent over you motorcycle. Your face lit by the garage behind you and the cigarette in your mouth. I realized that like that cigarette, you’re sucking the life out of me. Those beautiful lips will bring me to my demise. I have to pull my self out from underneath your grip. Before I’m reduced to a bud and thrown into the night. And I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet.

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  11. Built For Different Burdens

    You will not be burdened with a toll that you cannot carry. 

    Everyone’s burden will be equally heavy in terms of how much one can carry but the tolls’ heaviness will not equal each other. 

    Their weight may seem lighter than yours. And their screams may sound louder than yours. Although you know you can carry their toll easier than you can carry yours, you should never be ignorant enough to insult them when they struggle. Because we are built for different issues. Although different they’re issues all the same. 

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  12. Anonymous asked: You're a bad influence.

    I’m an influence? *insert cool glasses emoji here*

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  13. I was a good liar.
    ‘till I met indifference.
    She makes an honest woman out of me.

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  14. Society’s Rotten

    When fruits rot and when they become what people don’t want them to be, people normally don’t eat them.

    Therefore people don’t digest them. Therefore they aren’t wasted.  

    Therefore they stay in the earth and decompose to assist in the growth of something better. 

    People are the same way.

    Society’s rotten ones stay with the earth. They die untouched by man. Unfettered. Unkept. Undigested or reduced to waste. And like fruits, though they may not know it, their decomposition assists in the growth of something greater and larger than life. 

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  15. The Seven Day Battle of Uteria

    If I had a daughter, when she asks me that question, I’d tell her about The Seven Day Battle of Uteria. About the pain that shook the city as the kingdom imprisoned a beautiful woman for not submitting to the king’s orders. I’d tell her that thousands of warriors entered the stone walls of that great empire and hundreds more died climbing them. I won’t spare her the blood and gore of the battle, the seven day’s worth of blood and gore of the battle. She’d know every day’s detail until the final event. And With a child’s excitement, I’ll tell her how the king fell and how that beautiful woman was set free and made queen. 

    Although I am certain she’d soon see the myth in my answer, I can’t wait until she asks me about her period. 

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